Aiming high with unique Laleham designs

11 Feb 2016
Posted by Croft Goode

Aiming high with unique Laleham designs

Creating new jobs, a sustainable environmental, and overall improvement to company production are just some of the reasons why our innovatively-designed Laleham Health and Beauty project has been shortlisted for an LABC Award.

The cosmetics manufacturers, based on a rural site covering over 14 acres in Greenhalgh on the outskirts of Kirkham, Lancashire, required a new on-site distribution unit, an extension to the existing warehouse, and extra laboratories as part of a whole new wave of development, orchestrated by the team at Croft Goode.

Laleham H&B 1004

An additional part of the scheme is the upcoming inclusion of a contemporary visitor’s centre, known as the Innovation Suite, within the extension to showcase Laleham’s successful products, workflow and efficiency. This has been designed to maintain the same style as all other existing elements.

Plans for the project were originally drawn up in 2011 and approved in mid-2014 by Fylde Borough Council. This followed two public consultation events where local residents had the opportunity to view the plans and feedback to the relevant groups involved with the scheme, including Croft Goode.

Construction work on warehouse distribution centre began soon after approval and was completed on time and on budget at the start of November 2015.

Laleham H&B 1002
Richard Edge was Croft Goode’s lead designer on Laleham Health and Beauty and explained why Croft Goode submitted the project for the LABC awards. He said: “With the Laleham site at Greenhalgh, it was essential that we made extensive use of the developable area and the result so far is a well-designed and constructed building that heavily benefits a local business and will create job opportunities in the new extensions.”

Laleham Health and Beauty is also slightly unusual for a large industrial building, however, in that it has some interesting design elements. It became clear early on with the project that it was not just a case of capturing the exact design and practicalities that the client needed, but about overcoming environmental and topographical challenges too. I think this is what really makes Laleham a standout project for its innovation and why we believe it’s earned its right to compete in the LABC Awards North West division.”

Initially posing a problem, the sloping topography of the site has been used to the advantage of heavy goods vehicles parked at one of the four angular loading bays, allowing them to be loaded and unloaded at floor level. Each loading bay is now currently equipped with the latest technology, offering maximum flexibility, efficiency and user safety.

Laleham H&B 1000
Due to the rural location of the site, there are many environmental concerns that must also be taken into account as part of the design phase to ensure that all construction procedures do not disturb any existing wildlife. After assessment of the area for habitats, a large drainage basin was formulated into the new site plans so surface water run-off would avoid surrounding trees and consequent root damage. It is anticipated that this basin will become a wildlife habitat in future years.

Sustainable and energy-saving technologies have also been incorporated within the actual building where possible, including the use of self-dimming LED lighting, directional heaters to only provide warmth to occupied areas, and utilising natural light.

Overall, we are thrilled with the impact that the designs have so far had at Laleham Health and Beauty. Following submission of the scheme for the Best Commercial Building, we are delighted that this project has been short-listed for the LABC ( Local Authority Building Control) North West Awards and we will keep you updated on the outcome at the Building Excellence Awards in April ’16.